Igloo Is Re-launching Its Classic ’90s Picnic Cooler

Igloo wants you to celebrate this summer like it’s 1992. The brand announced its re-release of the iconic Picnic Basket Cooler, along with two other retro accessories. It’s their Throwback Collection.

The teal, pink, and yellow-colored coolers, which disappeared in 1995, will be sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters and on Igloo’s site for a limited time. You can get the classic 25 quart picnic cooler for $68. There is also a 4 quart Playmate Mini and water jug. The mini holds up to 6 cans, has a “tent-top design, and retails for 40 bucks. The half gallon water jug is available for $18 and has a “free-pouring flip-top spout” and carrying handle. The colors are the best, though.




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