HR Departments Say:  Take Your Summer Vacation!

Summer is halfway over and chances are your company wishes you’d take a vacation.  Fewer workers have claimed time off so far this year.  A survey of HR departments showed vacation requests are only half of what they were last summer. Blame the virus and travel restrictions. One executive said, (quote) “The last few months, it’s been hard for people to take the time off because they can’t go anywhere.”   If we don’t take a summer break, business managers see trouble on the horizon. There’s a high potential for employee burnout. Also, there could be a crunch in December where everybody wants to take their vacation days.  Senator Martha McSally of Arizona introduced a bill to encourage Americans to travel by basically paying people to vacation. Families of four could reduce their tax bill by $9,000 by traveling this year. The government would effectively pay for your vacation expenses including hotel, transportation and meals.  Are you ready to travel this summer or are you planning to just stay at home?   I think I’m staying at home base this year…plenty of time to travel when a vaccine becomes available!