How about inviting bees to your garden

We’ve known for years that bee populations have been in decline. There are many reasons behind the loss, a wide range of stressors, from pests and diseases, to pesticide usage and pollutants/toxins, nutritional deficits and habitat loss along with effects of climate change. One individual can’t impact all of these factors, but if you have a yard, there are a few was you can help the bees. You can add native wildflowers to your garden to attract bees. This is helpful if you also have a food garden. Having bees and other pollinators nearby will help you grow more food. One thing I’ve added recently are a few bee houses. I’ve received mason bee cocoons from my Buy Nothing Group and I love seeing them buzz about the garden. Unlike honey bees, they don’t require a lot of work.

How to care for mason bees

How to plant a pollinator garden

Instructions for a mason bee house