Homemade gift ideas

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I love making gifts for friends during the holidays and I love receiving the same types of gifts. A friend of mine has given me homemade lotion bars and a sugar scrub, and my sister makes the best homemade soaps. A few years ago my son, Andrew & I made firestarters out of drier lint, cardboard egg cartons and wax pieces from old candles. They were a hit. Last year I took my surplus of sage from my garden and made flavored salt. This year, well, I can’t tell you what I’m making, but involves vodka. Flavored sugars and salts are easy to make, and make a perfect gift for people who cook or bake. From Limoncello to tea cookies, flavored vinegars to candles, you don’t have to be very crafty to attempt these, you just need an afternoon. These gifts are great on the wallet and good for the environment. 

21 homemade gift ideas

Sugar scrubs

Flavored salts



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