Heroic Rescues From Hurricane Floodwaters Caught on Video (And More Good News!)

1.  People are loving a video of a 29-year-old guy in southwest Florida named Mike Ross who saved a cat stuck in Hurricane Ian.

Also, a reporter in Orlando saved a nurse by carrying her through floodwaters after she got stranded in her car.  And Good Samaritans saved an older guy from a flooded vehicle near Fort Myers.


2.  A World War Two vet in Texas asked for 100 birthday cards for his 100th birthday, and it sounds like the internet delivered.  His nursing home threw him a big party, and there was a huge stack of cards for him.


3.  An Instagram influencer named Sasha Narang recently bought a Coach purse at a sample sale, then realized it belonged to someone else.  When she got home, she found a lady’s wallet inside with her I.D. and all her credit cards.

It turned out a woman named Ashley Kwon put her purse down at the same sample sale, and it got mixed in with the other bags.  Sasha tracked her down on Facebook and got it back to her.