Here’s how to recycle your Christmas tree

How long to keep your tree up is always up for debate, but when it’s time to take down your tree, here are some tips:

If you live in a home, the easiest thing to do is leave it next to your bin. If it’s 6 feet or shorter, you can set it next to your bin for a small fee (varies by community). If it’s taller than that, cut the top off & place it in your bin (make sure the lid closes) and put the bottom half next to your bin. Flocked trees are considered garbage.

This weekend you can drop your tree off at Topaz Farms. The trees are converted into biochar. Biochar is a proven method to sequester carbon while creating healthier soil, healthier and tastier food, and all without chemicals. 

Trout Unlimited is collecting trees at two locations on Saturday, January 7th & 14th 

Metro has other drop off and pick up locations available by zip code and you can call them at 503-234-3000

However you recycle  your tree, make sure to remove all decorations, lights, tinsel and anything else that’s not part of the original tree. 

Christmas wreaths and swags can usually be recycled with trees but keep in mind that most recyclers want the frames and wire removed.