Heartwarming Rescue: Texas Woman Dedicates a Month to Save Stray Dog ‘Jughead’ with Plastic Jug Stuck on Head, Now Ready for Adoption

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1.  A 17-year-old in Stockton, California named Elle Gianelli is doing her Socks4Seniors campaign again for the holidays.  She sends “silly socks” and kind notes to nursing homes around the country just to make people smile.



She started doing it in 7th grade.  In the past four years, she’s sent nearly 5,000 pairs of socks to 92 nursing homes across 48 states.  She raises money for it on GoFundMe if you want to help her out.



2.  A woman in Texas spent a full month trying to catch a stray dog with a plastic jug stuck on his head.  She finally did . . . and of course named him Jughead.  He’ll be going up for adoption soon.



3.  A former Army tank gunner named Jay Tenison got a terminal cancer diagnosis last year, and was given as little as 12 months to live.  That was over 18 months ago, and he’s still with us.  And he just got to cross off the biggest thing on his bucket list this week.



Over a year ago, he got on Reddit and said he wanted to ride in a tank and feel the sheer POWER of it again.  He got to do it yesterday at Fort Moore in Georgia.



The 194th Armored Brigade took him out in an M1 Abrams tank and let him FIRE it.  He said it was “every bit” of what he remembered.  (Here are the photos.)