It Happened last Tuesday, at 1:35 PM…

This is all about me, sorry.  But, it’s also about you.  All of us.

Believe it or not, I am actually a pretty positive person.  Yes, I love sarcasm and I know that can come across as a bit negative.  My use of sarcasm comes from a coping mechanism that I’ve put in place to deal with stress or unfavorable conditions.  Makes sense right?

Lately. I am nothing but sarcastic.

The world feels out of control.  But is it?

Actually not.  There is just as much sad news as in the past, maybe a bit more.  And yet I really feel it.   We just have more access to all news and info than ever before.  It’s everywhere including my phone.  Every minute facet of everything is on parade.  More than that now everyone has a broadcasted opinion.

I’m not talking solely about the news networks that have to fill 24 hours of news programming with something.  I’m talking about us.  All of us.  It’s all over Facebook and Twiiter and so are my eyes and brain.  I can’t seem to get away from any of “it”.

And that’s the problem.

I’d unplug from everything for the next 6 hours but I work in media.    Errrrffff.

Just sayin’.





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