Billie Eilish isn’t your typical Bond Girl — and that’s why the franchise’s soundtrack guru says she was the perfect choice to do the No Time to Die theme.

Hans Zimmer tells the British edition of GQ that he pushed hard to get the gig for Billie. He says, “There was like a box full of songs lying around that people were listening to and there was this small very personal song by Billie. I just went, ‘That’s it.’ And everybody said, ‘Well, but it’s not quite right. It’s not good.'”

The composer, who’s worked on such blockbusters as DunkirkHannibal and the Batman series, replied, “’No, no, no, here’s the mistake you’re making: she and Finneas haven’t seen the movie yet. They don’t know what they’re writing about. Get them on a plane, get them over here.’ So on a dark, grey, typical English night, they arrived in the middle of Soho, jet-lagged beyond anything, and we showed them the movie and the next day the three of us got to work on it. I just kept saying, ‘Nah. Billie and Finneas. We’re done!’”

Of course, we’ll still have to wait until the movie is released to see how the theme plays on the big screen. No Time To Die is now set to be released in April of 2021 – a full year after it’s original release date.