Guy Just Set A World Record: He Did 3,264 Push-Ups in an Hour…And He’s 60! (And More Good News)

1.  A guy in Florida just broke a world record by doing 3,264 push-ups in an hour.  Pretty impressive, especially at SIXTY YEARS OLD.  Over the past year, he did 160,000 push-ups to train for it.  (There are 3,600 seconds in an hour, so it’s basically a push-up every SECOND.)


2.  A woman in Indiana recently passed away.  Now her five-year-old great-grandson is going viral after paying tribute to her . . . by singing “My Heart Will Go On” at her funeral.  It was one of her favorites.


3.  A new study found that just five minutes of neck scratches makes dairy cows happier, and calms them down.


4.  A guy in South Dakota posted a photo on Reddit after his six-year-old foster daughter wrote him a note that said, “Please love me.”  He wrote her one back that said, “We will ALWAYS love you” and put it on her nightstand.

He and his wife are planning to adopt her AND her little brother soon.  They just have to wait a few months to make it official.  (Here’s her note, and his note.)