Green ideas for wrapping gifts

What’s the most sustainable way to wrap presents? There are so many creative ways to wrap gifts that don’t involve wrapping paper and can be a lot of fun. Bought tickets to a concert? Wrap them in the band’s  t-shirt. Gifting a kitchen item? Bundle it in a pretty kitchen towel. You get the idea. Next, use what you have on hand. Do you know that paper that comes in packaging? This year I’m using that for wrapping gifts and then adding colorful stamps, foliage from outside and pretty ribbon (that I’ve saved from previous years). But let’s say you’re going to need wrapping paper too, here’s what to look for if you want it to be recyclable: paper with no glitter, foil or other non paper decorations. Anything that’s waxy, metallic or has a plastic coating is garbage. 

Of course reusable gift bags are great as are cloth drawstring bags because both can be used over & over again. 

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