Gary Sinise Foundation’s ‘Snowball Express’ Brings Joy to Families of Fallen Soldiers at Disney World

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1.  A mom and her two young kids got hit by a car in Utah on Tuesday, but survived after 20 high-schoolers lifted it off of them.  The mom and her two-year-old son were stuck underneath it, but the students were able to lift it just enough to get them out.  She and both children were injured but should recover.  A doctor said it’s amazing the kids are alive.  (Here’s the footage.)





2.  Someone in Pennsylvania just returned a library book that was 120 years overdue.  A guy named Horace Short checked it out in 1904.  He’s obviously no longer with us but could have faced a stiff fine.  25 cents a day means Horace could have owed $10,910.  But the library’s new policy is to cap fines at $10.



3.  The Gary Sinise Foundation hosted its annual “Snowball Express” event at Disney World this week.  The families of more than 700 fallen soldiers showed up to honor and remember them, and show their kids a good time.



4.  A liquor store in Nebraska did its annual “Good Beer for a Good Cause” event.  They hold a beer tasting, and 20% of sales go to charity.  They’ll use the funds to send care packages to families with kids in intensive care on Christmas Day.