Starting in July, the garbage and recycling bill for Portland residents will increase. The monthly bill will go up by at least 75 cents per month.

Portland City Council approved a bill to cover higher processing fees and fund the Portland Clean Energy Fund, which was approved by voters in November.

The Portland Bureau of Sustainability blamed last year’s rate increase to the garbage created by improper recycling. Portland has one of the highest recycling rates in the country.


Put This In The Trash:

-Coffee cups/lids/pods

-Clamshell containers

-Plastic bags, utensils

-Any lids

The numbers on plastics don’t mean they’re recyclable. Portland recycles plastics by shape and size.

Recycle This:

-Aluminum cans

-Metal tins

-Plastic bottles

-Egg cartons

-Paper bags

-Paper/ junk mail

-Cardboard boxes

Compost This:

-Pizza delivery boxes

-Coffee filters

-Tea Bags

-Food scraps

-Yard debris

For more information on how to recycle properly, head to Portland’s sustainability site.

The city will re-evaluate the rates next spring.

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