From Principal’s Office to Forever Home: Cincinnati Girl’s Life Transformed as Principal Adopts Her, Turning a Lunchtime Incident into a Heartwarming Tale of Family and Success

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1.  A restaurant in Oakland, California called Horn Barbecue got destroyed by a fire last week.  But the owners still held their annual giveaway and handed out 150 Thanksgiving turkeys.  People online have donated over $100,000 to help rebuild.  If you want to help, their GoFundMe is called “Horn Barbecue Fire Restoration.”


2.  A cashier in Michigan accidentally sold a guy ten sets of lottery numbers instead of one.  But the guy said no problem . . . paid for them anyway . . . and the ninth set of numbers won him $25,000 a year for life.  He opted for the lump sum of $390,000.


3.  A news station in Cincinnati did a big story on a girl named Raven Whitaker-Smith who got sent to the principal’s office in sixth grade, and it changed her life.

She threw a cup of yogurt at lunch.  So her principal asked if that’s how she’d behave at a restaurant.  Her answer was she didn’t know, because she’d never been to one.

Up to that point, she’d spent most of her childhood in foster care.  But everything changed after that . . . because her principal decided to ADOPT her.

His name is Jason Smith.  He and his wife tried fertility treatments but couldn’t have kids.  So they took Raven in and turned her life around.

They adopted her in 2017.  She’s now studying social work at the University of Kentucky.