From Lame Gift Bag to Heartwarming Success: Burger King Veteran’s Retirement Fund Surpasses $400,000 After Viral GoFundMe Campaign

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1.  A video went viral last year when a Burger King worker got a lame gift bag after working 27 years without missing a day.  The story blew up after someone launched a GoFundMe campaign to start a retirement fund for him.

Now he’s back in the news after the “New York Post” did an update:  The fundraiser is still going, and recently crossed $400,000.


2.  A woman in Texas named Elizabeth Francis turned 114 years old last week, and she’s still going strong.  She’s got three grandkids, five great-grandkids, and four great-great-grandchildren.  Longevity runs in their family.  Her sister lived to be 106, and her daughter’s still a spring chicken at just 94.


3.  A guy in Maryland hit the lottery for $50,000 this month using the same numbers he always plays:  4-2-5-2-5 . . . because they’re the numbers on his mom’s license plate.