1.  A father and son were out fishing off the coast of North Carolina this week when another boat almost HIT them.  And as it was going by, they realized no one was at the wheel.  So they thought maybe there was a medical emergency or something.

They started following the boat . . . pulled up next to it . . . and the son JUMPED on board, but no one was there.  It was a totally empty boat.  So they figured someone fell off . . . started searching around in the open ocean . . . and FOUND the guy.  They pulled him out of the water, and he thanked them for saving his life.






2.  A group of friends in Idaho surprised a waitress with an $800 tip.  They say it’s something they try to do once a month.  And they always pick a random restaurant.






3.  There’s a 75-year-old woman in Texas named Peggy Garrison who’s got pancreatic cancer.  And she obsessed with flamingos.  So her family got in touch with the San Antonio Zoo . . . and they surprised her by bringing a REAL ONE to her house.  The zoo posted a video of the whole thing on their Facebook page.





4.  About 700 people live on a small island off the coast of Maine.  And the high school’s graduating class was only 13 students this year, who were SUPPOSED to go on a big senior trip.  But they couldn’t because of the pandemic.  So instead, they decided to take the $8,000 they raised for it, and give it all to charity.