Free Guide To Living With Worry And Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty

Hey music friend! It’s Jared checking in and I hope you’re in a good headspace today. For me, the last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster.  Annnnnd from the looks of it this roller coaster has a long way to go before we can get off.

I know many of us are struggling with how to feel and how to cope with the stress and anxiety we are all currently working through.

One thing I found early on that worked for me, DO NOT open your phone first thing in the morning and scroll through social media and news outlets. I refuse to do that and it’s helped start the day off with a much more healthy mind.

I saw this article on Reddit and thought there’s SO MUCH in it! I’m hopeful it can help those who are looking for something, anything, to help cope.

It also includes an EXTENSIVE activity menu that can help deal with the boredom of being cooped up.

For me, it’s one day at a time. All the best to you!  I hope you can take something positive away from this.