Family Moves To New House But Cat Goes Missing–She Had Walked 300 Miles To The Old House! (And More Good News)

1.  The city of Atlanta just honored a guy named Coy Dumas Jr., who’s been a bus driver for 50 years.  He started in 1972 and just hit his 50th anniversary.  So they paid tribute by plastering his picture across a city bus.

Over the years, they’ve offered promotions and ways to climb the ladder, but he always says no.  He loves his job and calls people “the most valuable cargo you can imagine.”  He’s driven over two million miles without causing an accident.  (Here’s a photo, and tribute video they made.)


2.  More state parks are adding all-terrain wheelchairs, so people with disabilities can go explore nature.  “The Washington Post” just did a big article on it.


3.  Last year, a family in France moved 300 miles across the country, then their cat went missing.  But now they’ve been reunited 13 months later, after she walked all the way back to their old home.

Someone found her nearby last month, and posted photos on Facebook.  She was covered in fleas and only weighed about two pounds.  She had to stay with a vet for three more weeks to recover, but she’s back home now and doing great.


4.  A 14-year-old girl in San Diego named Leanne Fan was recently named America’s Top Young Scientist.  She won a $25,000 grant for inventing headphones for kids that use blue-light therapy to treat ear infections.

And how’s this for a smart family?  Her sister Cara won the same prize in 2019 for a new type of spray-on bandage that treats infections without using antibiotics.