EWG’s Dirty Dozen list

Self made signs for organic produce, greens, vegetables and fruits for sale at Union Square Greenmarket, New York City.

Not all of the produce I buy is organic, since that can add up quickly. Things like avocados, onions and mushrooms are on the Environmental Working Group’s list of the Clean 15, produce grown conventionally that are not likely to have pesticide residues. EWG also has their Dirty Dozen, a list of produce that even when washed, still has pesticide residue. Topping the list again are strawberries, followed by spinach, kale and nectarines. I make sure that anything on the Dirty Dozen list is bought in the organic section. Here’s another tip: you can buy organic seeds or starts of these foods and plant them yourself. I have a few of the items on the Dirty Dozen list growing in my garden.

Dirty Dozen



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