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If you think FM radio and water heaters sounds like a funny pairing, you’re not alone, but let us tell you more about this innovative technology and how you can help.

How can FM radio and water heaters work together?

    • FM radio waves can reach almost every electrical device – and through that connection, radio waves can convey important information. Smart electrical devices can use this information to adjust how much power they are using and thus how much power they are pulling from the electric grid.So, by having your water heater receive FM radio messages, your water heater will know if it is a good time to use electricity and can crank itself up – or it can see that demand for electricity is high and reduce its electric use accordingly to save energy. You can learn more at e-Radio Inc.

Do I have a role in this?

    • You could…one day. The visionary scientist, engineers and companies, like KINK and e-Radio, have been conducting beta field tests on this technology since 2014. In fact, e-Radio has even earned CES honoree recognition for technology for a better world. Their tests include seeing how smart water heaters react to radio waves and understanding how this affects customers energy needs and lifestyle habits. In 2017, select members of the general public may be invited to join this pioneering initiative by signing up to have an FM radio-connected smart water heater in their home. As part of a pilot test group, these folks will provide feedback on how their water heater performed and if it affected their everyday life. They’ll also play an important role in helping decide if this technology rolls out to more customers. That means their direct feedback will be influential for now and potentially decades to come.