Emotional Surprise: Bride Receives Heartfelt Letter from Late Father on Wedding Day, 20 Years After His Passing

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1.  A six-year-old with special needs wandered away from a school in Houston and was missing for over an hour.  But she’s okay after a homeless guy saw she was alone and kept her safe until someone got there.


2.  A five-year-old kid in Oregon broke a world record by building a Hot Wheels track with 20 loops in it.  His dad helped.  (Here’s the video.)


3.  A 32-year-old woman in England named Freya Rosati recently got hitched, and got a letter on her wedding day from her dad who passed away 20 years ago.

Before he died of cancer, he wrote nine letters for her.  One for each birthday until she turned 18 . . . another for her 21st . . . and one more for her wedding day.

Her mom read it out loud at the reception, and it was pretty emotional.  But Freya says it was an important moment for her.  You can watch the full speech online.  His advice to her and her new husband was to always “face everything full-on,” and their life together will be a huge success.  (Here’s the letter.)