Easy ways to green your tech

Tech has kept us connected this past year in more ways than we could’ve expected. Virtual classrooms, never ending Zoom meetings and online happy hours have been our lifeline but there is an environmental cost to modern technology. But small changes can lead to big impacts on the planet (and your wallet). About a quarter of power consumption in the average home is due to “vampire power”. Vampire power is all the power that’s being used during standby modes that you see on many TVs, computers and game consoles. By turning off these devices you can save a considerable amount of money. Our cell phones aren’t just phones, it’s how we bank, pay bills and shop, so it’s good to take care of it so it lasts as long as possible. Replacing cell phones every couple of years has a huge environmental impact. Did you know that making a smartphone requires nearly 10 times more precious metals than a desktop computer or laptop? Another item that generates a huge carbon footprint … batteries. Buy rechargeable batteries for household items.

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