Drone Hero: New York Volunteer Uses Thermal Cam On $8K Drone to Rescue Dozens of Missing Pets for Free!

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1.  Did you see the video of a horse galloping down I-95 in Philadelphia last week?  The good news is he’s okay, and the escape earned him a new name.

He belongs to a charity called the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club that offers inner-city kids a chance to go out and ride.  They got to choose a new name for him and went with “Freeway.”


2.  The Houston Zoo just did something big for something very small.  A Peruvian stick bug ended up with a floppy neck after she molted and shed her exoskeleton.  So they used part of a Q-tip and engineered a tiny neck brace that saved her life.  They took it off two days later, and she’s all better.  (Here’s a photo.)


3.  The new way to find a missing pet is to hire a drone operator to go look for them.  A reporter recently talked to a guy in New York who volunteers for a pet rescue group.  His $8,000 drone has a thermal cam that picks up body heat.  He’s found around 40 missing dogs in the past year.