Don’t just compost your eggshells, they’re so much more they can do

Even though we’ve got curbside composting available, I keep a container handy to collect all of our eggshells. I just added some to a new area of the vegetable garden to help build up the soil, but I’ve used them other ways in the garden too. Eggshells add calcium to tomato plants, so I put some in the soil when I’m planting starts. I also use them in the spring around plants because they’re a good deterrent for snails and slugs, and help protect tender plants. But there are a lot of other uses. If you’ve got chickens, feed them dried out, crushed eggshells to help with vitamin deficiency. Eggshells added to coffee make it less acidic. Put them in your bot of bone broth or vegetable stock for added minerals. Or use crushed eggshells to clean a dirty pot. 

15 ways to use eggshells around the house