Donate your old computer or laptop to help Portland area students

If you’re looking to upgrade your computer or laptop, consider donating it to Free Geek. The Portland non-profit has been accepting technology donations for about 20 years, recycling what’s no longer usable and refurbishing what can be used by others. Once Free Geek fixes the item, they either give it away for free or at low cost, prioritizing giving them to students, BIPOC, low-income and elderly groups. They also have given these items to people who’re going through difficult times like those who lost nearly everything in the 2020 wildfires. Free Geek also hosts free classes to help people get fluent with computers and the internet. 

Read more about how to donate here 

Want to know more about Free Geek? Listen to Peggy La Point’s Talking Trash podcast (Episode 11) with John Ashcraft, Free Geek’s Manager of Receiving and Recycling