Do you know how to recycle your Christmas tree?

Whether you are of the belief that Christmas trees need to come down on December 26th or you like to keep it up well into January, you’re going to need to know how to recycle it. The first few weekends after Christmas, there are a number of groups that will have fundraising drop off sites and some will pick up. If you’ve got yard debris collection, you can recycle your tree at home. Fees and tree prep vary throughout the region, so it’s best to check with your hauler or ask Metro. Regardless of where you recycle it, you’ll need to remove all lights, wire, tinsel, ornaments and any other material that’s not part of the original tree. Christmas wreaths and swags can usually be recycled with trees, just remove the frames and wire. 

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Information for Portland residents here 

Call Metro for details on groups that are offering pickup services/drop off sites, and details on how to prep your tree for curbside pickup: