Fall is just around the corner, but I am already craving Halloween stuff. And it wouldn’t be Halloween without a viewing of Hocus Pocus. And of course, Disney World is offering a new sweet that fans of the Sanderson Sisters are going to love.

A Hocus Pocus-themed cupcake was spotted in the Magic Kingdom. It’s called the Amuck cupcake, which is a famous line in the movie.

The cupcake is not for sugar novices. It’s a candy cupcake with peanut butter chips, chocolate candy bits, and toffee. Then it is stuffed with caramel and covered in chocolate buttercream icing. But we are not done, it also has a chocolate cauldron and a Sanderson Sisters edible picture. Reviewers commented on how thick a the black icing is and could stain your teeth or clothing.

This cupcake will cost you $7.99 and is available at Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World right now. I am doing some recon to make sure it is at Disneyland as well. Here is a picture:

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