Digital Artist Turns Ordinary Flyers into Brilliant Marketing Tools for Local Services: And He Does It For Free!

Today’s Good News is brought to you by The Shane Company “Fine Jewelry Since 1929”


1.  A guy in Nebraska was cleaning out his glovebox . . . found an old unscratched lottery ticket for a game called “Trucks & Bucks” . . . and won the grand prize, a new Ford F-150 pickup.  He’d been driving around with the ticket in there for months.  They also took care of the taxes, so the full thing was valued at $81,000.


2.  The FDA approved the first drug to treat severe food allergies for things like milk, eggs, and peanuts.  They also just approved the first drug to treat frostbite.


3.  A digital artist in New York named Max Kolomatsky has been helping out random people by redesigning their flyers for things like cleaning and babysitting services.  The kind with a phone number at the bottom that you tear off.

He does it for free and doesn’t even tell them.  For example, he found a boring one for a cleaning service called “The Clean Team“, and made them a snazzy new flyer where they’re branded like a team of superheroes.  (Here’s a video.)