Did Someone In Colorado Get Clear Video of BIGFOOT??  (Probably Not, But It Is Very Interesting Whatever It Is)

This video is all over social media:  Did someone finally get actual footage of BIGFOOT?

Shannon and Stetson Parker celebrated their 10th anniversary over the weekend by doing some sightseeing.  They took a train ride through a remote part of Colorado, and were in the last two seats on the caboose with a great view.

At some point, they noticed movement.  Then the person next to them started filming.  And it DOES look like Bigfoot . . . or someone in a Bigfoot suit.  But this was supposedly in an area with limited access to cars.  (Here’s the video.)

It’s definitely not a bear.  A few people online thought it might have been a hunter in one of those ghillie suits snipers wear.  But Stetson spent 10 years in the Air Force and says it definitely wasn’t that.  (Here’s a zoomed in close-up.)

He says he even asked a conductor if the train company planned an elaborate prank for Halloween or something, but they said no.

Whatever it was, it’s walking on two legs at the start of the video.  Then it squats down like it’s trying to hide.