Delivery Driver Gets A “Tip” for Nearly $270K!  (And More Good News)

1.  Two long-lost half-brothers in the U.K. just found each other at age 85 and 87.  They had the same dad, but didn’t know about each other until now.  One of their granddaughters was researching her family history and figured it out.


2.  Firefighters saved a dog that fell through some ice in Colorado this month.  It was a little tougher than you’d expect, because the dog was a 155-pound Saint Bernard.


3.  A bunch of students at the University of Florida broke a world record the other day for most fist-bumps by a mascot in three minutes.  Their gator mascot stood on their football field while they ran in a circle and fist-bumped him over and over.  The old record was 220, and they crushed it with 340.


4.  A lot of spots in the U.S. are getting more snow this week.  Here’s a cool way to pass the time:  A Children’s Hospital in Colorado is asking people to build snowmen based on kids’ drawings.  It’s the third year they’ve done it.  You can sign up online, just google the phrase “Say Hi with a Snowman Signup Form“.


5. Cops in Alaska gave a cold pig a lift home last week.  Someone called after they saw the pig on the side of the road.  Cops posted a photo of him in the back of their squad car.  They eventually found out his name is “Elvis Pigsley”.


6. Looks like this lady might finally be able to retire now:  A family in South Carolina ordered Domino’s this month.  And their doorbell cam got video of their 72-year-old delivery driver falling on their front porch.  (Here’s the video.)

She dropped all their food, but they didn’t care.  They just wanted to make sure she was okay.  Thankfully, she was.

The video went viral on TikTok, and people felt bad for her.  So the family started a GoFundMe campaign to give her a really nice “tip.”  Last we checked, people had donated over $268,000 to help her retire.