Cut waste in the kitchen with these easy swaps

If you’re looking to move to a low-waste lifestyle, it can get a bit overwhelming. It’s easier to approach it as a life-long journey than an overnight transformation, so start by making small changes and go room-by-room. The kitchen can often be the easiest. Start by replacing paper napkins and towels with cloth, they’re durable and long-lasting. I’ve got some I’ve been using for a few decades. If you pack a lunch, metal lunch tins and beeswax wraps are good replacements for plastic. Coffee filters and pods can be incredibly wasteful, by switching to cloth filters and reusable pods, you’ll cut back on waste. I’ve slowly switched out my plastic food containers with glass, often just using my clean peanut butter jars, but I’ve also bought some at second hand stores. And that brings me to this … these swaps can be done gradually, as you wear out or go through what you already have, replace them with more sustainable options. 

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