The Killers  – Imploding the Mirage

Brandon Flowers says he was inspired by “Father of the Bride” – the album Vampire Weekend put out in 2019 (and one of my faves from that year).  The album quickly became one of my “perfect” albums, the kind that you can just put on and let it roll all the way through.  Be sure to check out “My God” and “When the Dreams Run Dry.”

Haim – Women in Music Pt. III

What’s not to love about the band Haim? They’re crazy talented and put out a pretty great rock record. Be sure to check out “3AM” (not a Matchbox Twenty cover).

Tame Impala – The Slow Rush

The story of this album has been around for a while – Kevin Parker wrote a bunch of songs, started to release them, even performed on Saturday Night Live (see below) – and then thought, “Hmmm… I’m not happy with this.  Let’s start over.”  So he did. And what we got was a great, mix of everything album in The Slow Rush.  And as you’ll note – the version of Borderline heard on the album is obviously different from the version performed on SNL.

Christine and the Queens – The Vita Nuova

If you’re not a fan of Christine and the Queens yet, you will be. The Vita Nuova is the follow up EP to French singer/song writer’s 2018 album Chris. Chris was unique that you got both an English language and French language version of the same songs. And I still don’t know which versions I like better.  The Vita Nuova contains one of my favorite songs of 2020, very appropriate for the year, “People I’ve Been Sad” – which goes back and forth in French and English.

Glass Animals – Dreamland

Everything about this band is fun. The album contains audio clips from lead singer Dave Bayley’s home videos mixed into songs and interludes. Put some headphones on, lay on the couch, and listen to this one.