1. The Raconteurs “Help Us Stranger”
The collaborations between these two song-writers are amazing. They are cut from 2 different cloths which results in musical gold.
2. The Cranberries “In The End”
This bittersweet tribute to Dolores O’Riordan is everything you would expect from this band. Fantastic ending to their legacy.
3. Pixies “Beneath the Eyrie”
I’ve loved this band since the 90’s when they opened for U2 in 1992. This has all the sounds you would expect, but modern as well.
4. The Dandy Warhols “Why You So Crazy”
I love a local band. This album is truly a mixed bag with hints of country, eclectic piano riffs, and lots of mood shifts.
5. Cage The Elephant “Social Cues”
Love the collaboration with Beck. “Social Cues” is my favorite track and their take on the high price of success is incredible.