Coors Field’s Legendary Feline Pest Controller, ‘Smokey”, Retires after a Decade of Service; Flood of Adoption Requests Overwhelms Animal Rescue Group

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1.  A woman near Dallas was in a nasty wreck this month, and smoke was pouring out of her SUV.  But four random guys pulled her out in time, and it sounds like she’s okay.

There’s a video of it on Facebook.  The guy who posted it said he heard she just has a broken ankle.  (Here’s the video.)


2.  For the last decade, a bunch of stray cats have been living at Coors Field in Denver, and earn their keep by catching mice.  Now the oldest one is RETIRING.  His name is “Smokey” or “Midnight” depending on who you ask.  (Here’s a pic.)

An animal rescue group is finding him a forever home.  They put out a statement saying he’s “retiring from his unofficial post as head of pest control.”  So many people have been in touch, they’ve already stopped accepting applications.


3.  In other cat news:  A cat in the U.K. named Zebby just won a contest for Cat of the Year.  His owner is deaf, so he helps her out.  Like if someone’s knocking at the door, he’ll pace around or come up and tap her.


4.  And speaking of the U.K.:  Animal rescuers in England saved a squirrel the other day that was stuck 30 feet up in a tree.  It couldn’t get down because it had a toilet paper tube stuck on its head.  (Here’s a photo.)