Compost pumpkins and candy (without the wrappers) in your yard debris bin

Two girls and a boy are playing halloween in the woods, covering their faces with carved pumpkins.

After the Halloween celebrations are over, remember to compost your pumpkins and gourds in the green roll cart. This is the time of year when seasonal food scraps end up in the green bin including apple and pear cores and believe it or not, you can put half-eaten candy, without the wrappers, in your yard debris bin. Make sure you put the candy wrappers in your garbage can though. This time of year the roll cart also contains a lot of leaves as people are raking them from their yard and the street. Remember that there is a weight limit to those carts. A 60-gallon green composting roll carts have a 135 pound limit.

You can compost pumpkins and candy (without the wrappers) in your yard debris bin



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