Cirque Du Soleil – Alegria

Having been to several Cirque Du Soleil shows over the years, I was amazed by this one for the simple fact that it’s even better than the previous ones!  “Alegria” has somewhat of a story line behind it with the vaudevillian troupe that plays between segments, including focusing on an endearing duo and their various trials and tribulations.  That said, all of the action in “Alegria” is astounding.  There’s the usual acrobatics, trampoline work, tumbling and jumping, but coupled with that, an incredible fire performance, hula hooping, and the “hold your breath” finale of the trapeze artists.  Oh, and who doesn’t love a good fire performance with a pounding drum solo?  The music (both stylistically and vocally) with “Alegria” was poignant as well.  In short, my family and I loved it!  Go see it at the Portland Expo Center through July 17th.

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