Christmas Music on 101.9 KINK

Hey, Christmas music on Christmas day on 101.9 KINK?  What a novel idea?

This year at KINK we opted for Christmas music only on Christmas day because we added the option of KINKmas music on KINK.FM on demand.  So you got it when you wanted it.

So Christmas day what kind of Christmas music is on KINK.  The answer is the KINK artist kind and some traditional favs.  Oh, and one Dreidel inspired tidbit.  Hey, it’s a good one.

Example of the KINK list:

U2, The Shins, R.E.M., Pretenders, Mumford and Sons, John Lennon, Coldplay, Bob Dylan etc etc

Example of not on the KINK list:

Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Hanson, Wham, Michael Buble etc etc

Nothing wrong with the second list.  It’s just not very KINK.

Happy Holidays.  May you be safe, warm and happy.



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