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Episode 58 – Nadine Appenbrink and Rebecca Rottman / Utility Refill Pop-up

Episode 58 features Nadine Appenbrink and Rebecca Rottman co-founders of Utility Refill Pop-Up Utility Refill Pop Up 

Episode 57 – Briar Schoon / Portland Community College

Episode 57 features Briar Schoon, Sustainability Manager for Portland Community College. Portland Community College – sustainability  …

Episode 56 – Elsa Clements and Dana Bannister from KEEN Footwear

Episode 56 features Elsa Clements, Senior Compliance Specialist and Dana Bannister, Partners Services Representative at KEEN Footwear…

Episode 55 / Sarah Heinicke – Lloyd EcoDistrict

Episode 55 features Sarah Heinicke, Executive Director at Lloyd EcoDistrict Lloyd EcoDistrict

Episode 54 features Vinod Singh / Far West Recycling

Episode 54 features Vinod Singh, Outreach Manager at Far West Recycling. Far West Recycling 

Episode 53 features Pam Peck / Metro

Episode 53 features Pam Peck, Resource Conservation and Recycling Manager at Metro. Metro 

Episode 52 features Tess Beistel and Kelly Caldwell / Cracked Pots and ReClaim It

Episode 52 features Tess Beistel, co-founder of Cracked Pots and Kelly Caldwell, volunteer coordinator at Cracked Pots…

Episode 51 features Jason Skipton / Growing Gardens

Episode 1 features Jason Skipton, Executive Director at Growing Gardens. Growing Gardens 

Episode 50 features Nick Isbister / Innovative Recycling Group and City of Gresham

Episode 50 features Nick Isbister, Chief Recycling Officer at Innovative Recycling Group and  Sustainability Advisor with the…

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