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Extend your growing season

Fall is here and many of us are transitioning our vegetable garden, putting them to bed. But…

Eddie Vedder new solo album announced – delivers new track ‘Long Way’

Sounds very Tom Petty / The War On Drugs … Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has unveiled a new…

Don’t despair over the environment, ACT

I’m a glass-half-full, look-on-the-brightside, things-can-only-get better kind of person but there’s not a lot of good news…

The EPA finally bans chlorpyrifos, the pesticide linked to neurological damage in children.

After years-long fight, the EPA has finally banned chlorpyrifos. The pesticide has been used on crops like…

We can’t ignore Climate Change any more. The time to act is NOW

The news hit like a gut punch. The world’s top climate scientists released their report showing that…

Vortex PDX Song of the Week – Kiho

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Make sure you’re using your sprinkler efficiently and more watering tips from Regional Water Providers Consortium

Make sure your using your sprinkler efficiently. Get more water-wise gardening tips at  

Vortex PDX Song of the Week – Les Gold

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Vortex PDX Song of the Week – Shy Honey

Read up on Shy Honey in Vortex Music Magazine –  HERE –

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