Carpenter Uses Life Savings To Send 33 Complete Strangers To College! (And More Good News)

1.  Belgium has a new “Gull Screeching” champion.  They do an annual contest where people impersonate seagulls.  A 21-year-old guy named Yarmo Slutter won this year’s while also DRESSED as a seagull.  (Here’s a video.)


2.  How’s this for mind over matter?  A former news anchor in Houston broke both of his wrists in an Ironman race on Saturday, and still finished.  He crashed eight miles into the 112-mile bike-ride portion, and didn’t realize his wrists were broken.  So he rode another 104 miles, and then ran a full marathon.  (Here’s a photo.)


3.  I feel like these folks might see a lot of the same customers:  26 Burger Kings just closed down in Michigan last week, and over 400 people got laid off.  But now a WEED company is offering to hire all of them, and pay more than they were making before.  They’ll all make at least $16 an hour.


4.  We heard about this guy a few years ago, but he’s trending again:  In 2005, a guy in Iowa named Dale Schroeder passed away at age 86 . . . and used his $3 MILLION life savings to send 33 kids to college.

He grew up poor, never married, and worked as a carpenter for 67 years.  But he still managed to squirrel money away.  Since he never got to go to college, he wanted to help other kids go.  His only ask was that they pay it forward someday.