CA gets serious about reducing single-use plastics

In a move that will hopefully spur other states to follow suit, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that aims to significantly reduce single-use plastic packaging. Under the new bill, companies producing plastic will have to reduce plastic in single-use products 10% by 2027, increasing to 25% by 2032. Companies can meet those goals in a number of ways, reducing package sizing, switching to a different material or making the product easily reusable or refillable. Another aspect of the bill will have plastic be recycled at a rate of 65% by 2032. The new legislation doesn’t apply to plastic beverage bottles. Most plastics are not recycled in the United States, instead ending up at best, in landfills, and at worst, polluting the environment. The ban doesn’t include styrofoam, unfortunately, but does require it to be recycled at a rate of 30% by 2028. 

CA sets toughest plastics reduction rules



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