Breakthrough Vaccine Trials Offer Hope in the Fight Against Canine Cancer: Promising Results in Largest-Ever Clinical Study

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1.  How much do we love animals?  A new poll found Americans would rather inherit a pet from a loved one than inherit their car.  (???)  Property is #1 . . . a pet is #2 . . . cold hard cash is #3 . . . and a car is fourth.


2.  Speaking of pets:  Researchers at three universities are testing a new vaccine to prevent cancer in dogs.  Cancer is the #1 cause of death in senior dogs, and this is the largest clinical trial of its kind.  They say the vaccine is showing positive results so far.


3.  A guy from Virginia named Gordon Pullen showed up to his mom’s convenience store this month to surprise her.  It was a big deal, because she lives in Hawaii . . . and they hadn’t seen each other in person in 23 YEARS.

His sister got it on video.  He also hadn’t seen her in 23 years.  He’s now planning to move to Hawaii permanently and help out with the store.  (Here’s the raw video.)