Brave Golden Retriever Saves Four-Year-Old Boy from Bear Encounter in Connecticut Backyard

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1.  Two women from Antigua are heading to space today on Virgin Galactic’s second commercial space flight.  They’re the first mother-and-daughter duo to go to space together.  They won their seats in a contest.  Going forward, each seat will cost up to $450,000.



2.  A four-year-old boy in Connecticut was playing in his backyard when a bear showed up on Saturday.  But he’s okay after his family’s golden retriever chased the bear away.  (Here’s the video.)



3.  A guy in California was doing work in the yard of his parents’ house where he lives now, and found an old action figured he lost 35 years ago.  It’s an Emperor Palpatine action figure from “Star Wars”.

It’s not worth anything, but he says he wouldn’t sell it anyway because it’s too sentimental.  He cleaned it up and has it displayed on a shelf in his living room.  (Here’s a photo.)