Before you compost your coffee grounds, look at all the ways you can use them at home

Even if you’ve got access to composting either in your backyard or with your city, it’s not a bad idea to hang onto your coffee grounds and use them around the house. Used coffee grounds are abrasive, but won’t scratch surfaces, so they’re great for cleaning things like pots and pans. They also absorb odor, so put a jar in your fridge, put a half cup in old hosiery and use in the closet, you can even use it on your hands to get out onion or garlic smells. Use coffee grounds outside around your garden to keep out cats or around the perimeter of your home to keep out ants. I’ve used it as an exfoliant with a bit of olive oil, but you can also add it to honey and put it under your eyes to depuff them. 

How to make the most out of your coffee grounds 


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