Barber Works On His Day Off Each Week To Give Cuts To Special Needs Kids (And More Good News)


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1.  A bunch of people helped cops save a moose that fell through the ice on a river in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Hoisting an animal that big out of the water wasn’t easy.  It took six people pulling at once.


2.  A barbershop owner in Cincinnati named Vernon Jackson is in the news, because he still goes to work on his day off . . . to do free haircuts for kids with special needs.  No one else is allowed in the store, so they get his full attention.

It’s especially helpful for kids who are sensitive to sound, or get nervous around groups.  He’s been doing it since 2021 and donations help make it happen.  Now he’s trying to expand the program and help barbershops in other cities do it too.


3.  Buying shoes for growing kids is expensive.  So a guy in India invented a new type of shoe for little kids that expands as their feet get bigger.  The brand is called Aretto.  (Uh-REE-toe)  Each size can stretch to fit two additional sizes.

He just launched the company last year, so they’re only available in India for now.  But business is booming, and it could help parents save a lot of money.