Apple Watch Heroics: Georgia Man’s Life Saved as Smartwatch Detects Fall and Calls 9-1-1 During Coyote Attack

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1.  Every year for almost two decades, the Christmas Spirit Foundation has been doing something called Trees for Troops.  They partner with tree farms and FedEx to bring thousands of Christmas trees to U.S. military bases all over the world.

FedEx announced they just delivered their 300,000th tree for the program last Friday to Fort Liberty in North Carolina.  Most of this year’s other donated trees got picked up yesterday and should be delivered next week.


2.  A guy in Georgia says his Apple Watch recently saved his life.  He was hiking with his dogs . . . Cinnamon and Sugar . . . when they saw a coyote, knocked him down, and broke his femur.  He couldn’t reach his phone, but his watch detected the fall and helped him call 9-1-1.


3.  Government workers in New Hampshire showed up to a lake to remove an old dock last Thursday, and ended up saving a guy’s life instead.  He didn’t have a life jacket on when his jet ski sunk, and he was drowning in pretty cold water.

They grabbed a kayak and a canoe, and got to him just in time.  One of them wanted to remind people it’s probably too late in the year to be out jet skiing.