Amazon Is Selling Swim Trunks For Dogs

(Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images)

No One Is Safe From Bikini Bod Season. If your family has started to think about how they’re going to spend their Spring break, and those thoughts have transitioned into things you need to buy for said vacation, don’t forget about the family dog. And we’re not talking about finding a pet sitter; we’re talking about swimwear. Kove Mate Dog Swim Trunks ($25) are adorable swim shorts made out of recycled water bottles — just for your pet. The brand has matching trunks for Dad, too, because you know once he sees his favorite fluffy friend wearing a pair, he’s gonna want some. One million plastic bottles are sold every 60 seconds and 91% of plastic is not recycled. Kove recycles 8 water bottles in every swimsuit so you not only look good, you can feel good to knowing you are making a difference.

Check them out here



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