Addict to Attorney: Minnesota Woman Overcomes Odds to Become Lawyer, Clears Innocent Man of Murder Charges

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1.  Ten years ago, a woman in Minnesota named Sarah Gad was in and out of jail and hooked on opioids.  But a judge gave her one last chance to sort her life out, and she did.  She got off drugs . . . became a LAWYER . . . and just got an innocent man’s murder charges dropped last month.

And here’s the kicker:  The day the case got dropped, she ran into that judge who gave her one last chance.  He asked what she was doing there, and she said, “I work here now.”


2.  A 75-year-old in Missouri named Peggy Moore hasn’t had A/C all summer after a repair guy basically scammed her.  She hired him in February and paid $5,000, but he never got her A/C going.  So it’s been 90 degrees in her home.

Another A/C guy heard about it and stepped up to help though.  He offered to fix it for free, and even upgraded her to a bigger unit.  He told a reporter that anytime you can help, you should, and that “it needs to happen more often.”