A Hero Police Dog That Has Helped Find 38 Missing People Is Finally Getting To Retire (And More Good News!)

1.  A police dog in Scotland that helped find 38 missing people in her career finally got to retire.  She’ll get to live out the rest of her days with the cop she’s worked with since 2012.


2.  How’s this for the glass half full?  A Canadian woman’s home got wrecked by the remnants of Hurricane Fiona on Saturday.  But her refrigerator that got pulled out to sea washed up on her neighbor’s lawn.  And she was psyched when all the White Claw hard seltzers she’d just bought were still in there.  (Here’s a photo.)


3.  A 56-year-old woman in Utah is about to give birth to her own granddaughter.  Her daughter-in-law had a hysterectomy after having four boys through in vitro.  So she offered to carry the last embryo they have.  She’s due in November.


4.  While it’s being renovated, 29 staffers at a Mexican restaurant in Denver called Casa Bonita got four months of classes to become bilingual in English and Spanish.  The place almost closed for good last year after its owners went bankrupt.  But Trey Parker and Matt Stone from “South Park” bought it.  It was featured in an episode back in 2003.