A Guy Who’s Flown 33 Times During the Pandemic Has Tips on How to Stay Safer

 The CEO of a yogurt company called Hälsa Foods has already had to fly THIRTY-THREE TIMES during the pandemic.   He is a self-described “germaphobe” which is definitely a good thing, especially now!   Here are some of his ideas on how to stay safe during air travel:

1.  Wear multiple layers of latex gloves.  That way you can peel them off as you go.  He takes a layer off after check-in . . . after he goes through TSA . . . and after he touches anything high-contact, like escalator handrails.  (I have trouble putting on ONE pair of latex gloves…this sounds challenging!)

2.  Get a paper ticket.  Don’t scan your phone at check-in.  You might contaminate it and get the virus on your hands.  So a paper ticket is better.

3.  Bring lots of disposable masks.  He changes his mask every four hours, and tries not to touch it at all when it’s on his face.

4.  Don’t go to the food court.  He never gets food.  And if he needs a drink, he wipes down the bottle.  He also tries to find a corner to sit in with as few people as possible.   (How am I going to fly on a plane without my beloved bloody marys!?)

5.  Look for non-crowded bathrooms.  You might have to walk to another part of the terminal.  He also changes his mask after, and never uses bathrooms ON the plane.  (I’m just going to hold it until I get home)

He doesn’t worry too much about the air on the plane, because it’s filtered and recirculated every few minutes.  But he never takes his mask off . . . covers as much skin as possible . . . and wipes EVERYTHING down.  Including his seat, window, table, and seat belt.  He even wipes down the buttons and knobs on the ceiling.